How many seasons you can go on one set of tyres: comments

Сколько сезонов можно ездить на одном комплекте шин: комментарии

Experts note that for summer tires the limit is 1.6 mm residual tread depth, and for the winter (or all season) – 4 mm. This was reported on the website Maua.

Modern summer tires can get 40,000 to 70,000 miles depending on driving behavior and performance of the machine. The mileage on the summer tires, the average driver of a car passing over 2-3 seasons. Aging involves not only reducing the depth of the tread. For millions of cycles of deformation violated the strength of the frame and the grip with layers of rubber compound. In short, every 2-3 years need to buy a new set of tires.

Some car owners passing year only a few thousand kilometers. This does not mean that the tires will last you several decades. As a rule, service life of tyres of passenger cars is five years from the date of manufacture.

Winter tires “live” much less. They almost always fail by wear of the treadmill, because the tread of the new tire is 7-8 mm and the working height of only 3-4 mm. If studded tires, when such a wear, there is very little metal elements and the bus does not ensure safety while driving on winter roads. Also, not only my, but also the “stickies” at the extent of wear also lose most of their possibilities. Real life winter tires rarely exceeds 30 000 km.