How many trees was cut down and landed in Nova Kakhovka in the past year?

Сколько деревьев спилили и высадили в Новой Каховке в прошлом году?

In the past year by the Commission the Executive Committee considered 108 applications and appeals on the issue of obtaining permits for demolition and pruning of plantings in the city on the lands of communal property.

Accrued and paid the replacement value of green spaces in the amount of 20.7 thousand UAH. These funds were transferred to the city Fund for environmental protection and used for the purchase and planting of young seedlings.

Utilities in 2018 removed 255 units dry, emergency plants, made sanitary and rejuvenating pruning of 380 units of space. Conducted health and Wellness activities on the areas of the urban forest that were damaged by fires in 2016-2017 in the area of about 2 hectares.

However, in 2018, was purchased and planted on the territory of the city of 610 trees, shrubs, bushes of decorative breeds. The acquisition of plantations was carried out at the expense of the city environment Fund (30 thousand UAH).

Currently, we are conducting a survey of facilities improvement green economy of the city to determine the needs in planting material and planting sites in the current year.