How many Ukrainians are convinced that Russia is waging against Ukraine war

Сколько украинцев убеждены, что Россия ведет против Украины войну

In the Donbass continues the fifth year of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which killed thousands of defenders of the country. However, not all Ukrainians believe that Moscow is waging against the Kiev armed confrontation in the East.

That was in the Donbas is war between Russia and Ukraine, are convinced 72% of the citizens. Another 14% said no and the rest undecided. This is evidenced by the results of the poll Fund “Democratic initiatives” and Razumkov Center, said Fund analyst Sergei Shapoval.

The opinion that Ukraine is at war with Russia, most support residents of the West (91%) and Central (79%) regions.

On not occupied Donbas residents of the region are divided almost in half: 39% believe that today is a war of Ukraine with Russia, and 40% not.

At the same time, 49% of unoccupied residents of Donbass believe that Russia is a party to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. One third of the inhabitants of Donbass are convinced that Russia is supplying weapons to Pro-Russian militants, and 27% – that the Kremlin controls all political and military actions of the breakaway republics.

In addition, the majority of Ukrainians agree that for the sake of peace in the Donbass need to compromise with Russia and the occupying authorities. However, only 16% of them agree to any compromises.

How many troops has Russia in the Donbas?In the Russian-occupied territories of Donbass are concentrated along the Ukrainian-Russian border, more than 87 thousand of its soldiers. Among them nearly 2 thousand regular soldiers of the armed forces. They are mostly in key positions of command and control. In addition, the occupied Donbass is full of thousands of pieces of heavy military equipment and weapons.

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Сколько украинцев убеждены, что Россия ведет против Украины войну

Сколько украинцев убеждены, что Россия ведет против Украины войну