How many will pay the residents of Kiev for heating and hot water with new tariffs

Сколько будут платить жители Киева за отопление и горячую воду с новыми тарифами

From January 1, in Ukraine there are new tariffs for centralized heating and supply of hot water. In February Ukrainians will get bills with new bills. What figures to expect in Kiev – please read the Informant the Money.

19 October last year, the Cabinet issued a resolution on the increase of prices for natural gas for the population of 25.2%. NKREKP on December 11 issued a resolution to increase the electricity tariff by 131%. Prat “Kyivvodocanal” also increased the cost for water of 25.2%. So for January residents of the capital will get completely different bills.

In KP “Kievteploenergo” they say that for the last 4 years the rate has increased by 3.5 times. This is not surprising, because 80% of the component gas. However, the company say they have tried for the user to increase the cost minimally.

“We tried to raise the minimum rate for the consumer. If the price of gas increased by 26% and electricity by 131%, final tariff for the consumer is increased by 22,3%,” explained the Executive Director of the KP “Kievteploenergo” Julia eagle.

Since January the price of heating such: if no meter, then the tariff is 38.5 UAH per sq. m. If there is a counter – 1654,41 UAH per Gcal. However, the tariff changes depending on the temperature coefficient. That is, if the outside temperature was not that which was expected during the formation rate, the amount will vary. According to the Director of JV “Kyivenergobud” Konstantin Lopatin, in January the average temperature is expected -0,14 degrees, and was a negative 4.5. The coefficient of variation of 1.24. The base rate is multiplied by the temperature coefficient and the result is the amount that will be paid by consumers. That is, if is 38.5 times of 1.24, it turns out that people who have no meter, will pay for 47,75 sq. m.

With hot water all the easier. If the towel rail is not connected – 90,54 per cubic meter. If connected – UAH 97,89. Recall that KP “Kievteploenergo” this heating season has repaired more than 4 thousand impulses. Read more here.

Margaret Of Horunjaya