How many will work Svitolina in the Final tournament: the prize-pool

Сколько заработает Свитолина на Итоговом турнире: суммы призовых

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina stands at the Final tournament WTA. The prize Fund of the tournament is $ 14 million.

Svitolina, in case of victory in the tournament, will be up to 4,725 4,115 million dollars. All will depend on how many matches in the group, she wins.

While Federer won the first match of the Carolina Pliskova. So even if she’s not going to win any match, Svitolina will earn 690 thousand dollars. If she wins at least one match – 995 thousand dollars. While the money Svitolina will work, regardless, will play in the semifinals or not. If you win all three matches – $ 1.3 million.

For reaching the final of the tournament Svitolina can get from 1,79 to $ 2.4 million (depending on the number of wins in the group). Winning the tournament will bring from 4,115 to 4,725 million dollars.