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Скільки алкоголю допустимо вживати перед прийомом ліків - 24 Канал

Doctors usually prohibit the consumption of alcoholic drinks before drinking or drugs during the course of treatment. However, patients often ignore the advice of doctors and pharmacists.

This was stated by the press service of pharmacy of the Federal chamber of German.

Under the influence of alcohol in the blood modifies the action of a number of drugs, particularly psychotropic and hypnotic drugs. The combination of alcoholic beverages with drugs, strong painkillers or psychotropic drugs significantly increases the effects of drugs and the person may become uncontrollable.

Therefore, for certain drugs, patients should completely refrain from alcohol, for others, moderate alcohol consumption is acceptable.


For example, the appointment of paracetamol exceeding this dose may lead to serious harm to the liver. Some antibiotics due to the high dose of alcohol are worse and can reduce the rate of alcohol elimination from the body.

The German experts note that when prescribing daily dose of alcohol should not exceed 0,1-0,2 l wine or 0,25-0,5 l of beer.

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