How much cost a summer vacation in Odessa in 2020

Во сколько обойдется летний отдых в Одессе в 2020-м

Where to relax in the summer of 2020? This question is asked by many Ukrainians, given the fact that the resorts of Turkey, Egypt, Greece and many other popular destinations afford will not all – someone “crippled” the financial crisis, someone protects themselves from the coronavirus.

But the next question is: how much money will have to pay for the stay in Ukraine? For example, in Odessa, Zatoka, Iron Port and other popular destinations.

“If you end the quarantine, the price of leisure in the resort cities will increase dramatically, because on the one hand, everyone wants to catch up and earn more, on the other, the opportunity to go on holiday abroad is not too real. If wanting to relax is not so much in loss of wages or their decline, prices may fall. Because of the oversight of the regulation of prices in the private sector, nothing threatens the owners. Pricing will depend on the epidemiological situation and demand,” commented Styler Professor Anna Karas.

How exactly is after quarantine will cost the rest in the resort cities of Ukraine?

To Join UP! they say that as of today, prices for the year did not change significantly. For example, here are a few options for accommodation in Zatoka:

Cote D’azur

2019 – from 590 UAH / RO / room

2020 – from 600 UAH / RO / room


2019 – from 850 UAH / RO / room

2020 – from 950 UAH / RO / room

Villa Santorini

2019 – from 990 UAH / BB / room

2020 – from 990 UAH / BB / room

Eastern Sofia

2019 – from 563 UAH / RO / room

2020 – from 600 UAH / RO / room


2019 from 800 UAH/ RO / room

2020 from 1100 UAH/RO / room

“However, with the abolition of quarantine measures the growth in demand for accommodation by the sea can become the reason for growth of prices in the accommodation facilities. Moreover, growth rates, customers can face other problems – logistics, warranties, settlements and sanitary standards”, – said the representatives of the company.

Interestingly, for those who want to go to Odessa in the coming days, to make it quite real. But the prices in some places quite “snappy”. After analyzing the cost of accommodation in some rooms for two people, you can come to the conclusion that the rest of the southern Palmira will be even more expensive than abroad.

So, Odessa offers next weekend to relax 2-6 thousand per day for two people, but you can find options cheaper. Some hotels in the price Breakfast lay.

Some hotels Zatoka are also not modest. 3-4 thousand a day will cost double. More budget options are also available for booking, as we wrote above.