How much did men and women, should last a “normal” sex

Сколько, по мнению мужчин и женщин, должен длиться "нормальный" интим

Many are surprised to hear stories of friends about hours-long sex marathons with your loved ones. Is it possible? And how, in principle, should last the average normal sex?

Psychologist Brandon Sieco managed to answer this question. He has conducted several research studies to make an official statement.

How was the scientific experiment? Brandon gathered a range of scientists from different institutions and together with the scientific team found 500 pairs. Ziech asked them one question: “How long was your last sex?”

Men and women responded differently. Someone talked about a 30-second sexual experience, and someone impressed by the stories about sex in a few hours.

“No results,” probably decided the researcher and continued to work on a science experiment. For 4 weeks the same couple have sexual diary, and copulated with a stopwatch in hand.

A month later Brandon re-interviewed participants in the sample, and finally determined how much should last a “normal” sex. The answer turned out to be – 5 minutes, 24 seconds. Also the researcher found out that the sex Mature couples shorter than the young. And the longest sex engaged couple from Turkey. The result – 3 minutes, 42 seconds.