How much does an exotic vacation in Biochem. How to look apartment (video)

Сколько стоит экзотический отдых на Бирючем. Как выглядят апартаменты (видео)

On the island biruchiy, not trains and planes do not fly. You can reach it by car via from Kyrylivka Fedotov spit. Stay on this island because it is virtually deserted, you can call exclusive. Few tourists know that in the reserve you can even spend the night. However, put the tent you will not be allowed. How to look like apartments and the cost of recreation in the wild first showed reporters.

Due to quarantine all water excursions until the end of July cancelled. To get on biruchiy, which belongs to the Azov-Sivash nature reserve, you can drive on Fedotova spit. The road is sandy and in places like the washing Board.

To go to the island you need permission or you can buy a tour. For those who decide to spend the night, to carry out instructions. On site, it is impossible to put tents are Not permitted: drinking, Smoking, and littering. You can spend the night in the guest house. They are located among the steppes, where running deer, fallow deer, rabbits and other animals. In the evening when the animals come to the waterhole, located right outside of this house, you can watch and fallow deer and even wild Asses.

The kitchen in the house, no, summer shower on the street, the street WC, and spacious rooms with modern furniture and are air conditioned. Apartments are 150 UAH per person. To the shore you walk 500 meters through the desert and see miles of sandy beaches and perfectly clean sea.

This holiday is definitely for those who need to relax from civilization.