How much in Melitopol cherry and strawberry pay

Сколько в Мелитополе на черешне и клубнике платят

In order to earn extra money in the summer, the residents of Melitopol it is not necessary to go abroad. Opportunities in our region lack. On earnings in Kirillovka we mentioned in our previous publications, now let’s talk about how you can earn money without having to travel from Melitopol.

Win – win situation- earn picking strawberries and cherries. Easy this work will not name, but the profit can be very impressive.

So, farmers are already looking for people to collect cherries and apricot. The start of cherry season is forecast for the end of June. All workers promise to deliver buses to the gardens Piwniczna (Melitopol district).

– You will have 36 working days. The gardens we well kept, processed. All you need to bring three buckets: small on the neck and two large. Working day – from 7.30 to 17.30. We pay 6-6,5 UAH. per kilogram of berries. Calibrate it is not necessary. On average we earn from 600 to 1200 UAH. a day, says the employer.

Also need people to collect strawberries. The employer explains this season while I was working one day because of the cold strawberries a little. At 6.00 you have to be ready to go in the Garden – for you will arrive the bus.

We work from 6.00 to 16.00, in the heat a little earlier start. Pay 10 UAH. per kilo of strawberries. On average, people without experience harvested at day 17-18 kg. For harvesting cherries in the year paid 7 UAH. per kilo, but it needs to be calibrated – we do berry sort, – has explained to the employer.

In short, seasonal earnings can turn into a story, and slavery. Do not be lazy to review all vacancies and boldly ask all details of employment – there is a chance that you will be able to find a dream job.