How much increased salary Zaporozhye doctors

На сколько увеличилась зарплата запорожских врачей

Salaries of family doctors and pediatricians rose

Since January 1, the Centers of primary health care funded by the National health service in the number of prisoners returns with patients.

As reported by “Industiral”, for one person the doctor pay a minimum of UAH 370 per year (depending on age). The therapist must sign the Declaration with a maximum of 2000 patients, the family physician – since 1800, the pediatrician – 900. Doctors who work in rural areas, the Ministry of health was allowed to recruit more patients.

That is, at the basic rate for 2000 patients doctor primary in the year will receive 740 thousand UAH. Hospital in which a doctor, of this amount, calculate taxes, communal, salary nurses and other costs.

But it is now clear that the salary Zaporizhia family physicians increased. About it today on a press-conferences were reported by the Director of the city Department of health Victoria Ushakova.

-It is clear that wages will not be lower than those doctors had received before, and even grow. And this despite the fact that the Zaporozhye doctors and nurses of the primary, we had accrued incentives for volume and quality of services provided. Allowances were paid from the city budget. Now the wages have increased.

More details about numbers said chief specialist of the city health care Department of Zaporizhzhya city Council, chief physician of the center for primary health care № 2 Ludmila Stetsyuk:

-On the grid tariff, the salary of a doctor was 8 thousand UAH. Below this amount, the family doctors will not be obtained. Increase up to 3 thousand UAH. Depending on the number of declarations that concluded patients with a specific doctor.

To date, the Declaration made 460 thousand Cossacks is 62%. For people who have not had time to choose their doctor, national health service charges 120 UAH per year.