How much is the school in the top 15 universities of Kiev in 2020

Сколько стоит учеба в топ-15 вузах Киева в 2020 году

In Ukraine from August 1 begins the opening campaign in higher education institutions. From this date you can register an e-office, receiving applications and documents for applicants on the basis of interviews and exams begins August 13 and will end on the 16th, to applicants on the basis of external independent testing or competitions – deadline 22 Aug.

Thus, students are left little time to finally decide on a specialty and University dreams. The informant Money with reference to “Word and deed” today offers to see how much a year of study for bachelor (full-time education) in the top 15 universities of Kiev.

In the annual rating of universities “Top-200 Ukraine”, in 2020, took first place in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. The most expensive there Humanities year of study can cost up to 41.8 thousand. For example, training on a speciality “Journalism” is 36 thousand UAH per year “Management” – 32,7 thousand. The cost of training for legal professions is to 34.2 thousand hryvnias, for economic – 32.7 per thousand, the technical – 33,3 thousand. Cheapest in the KPI training in medical specialties – up to 25.9 thousand hryvnia per year (but only available the specialty “Physical therapy”).

On the second place in the ranking of national University of Taras Shevchenko, learning it is one of the most expensive. Year in the Humanities can do to 59.6 thousand hryvnias, as is, for example, training the philologist. Economics can cost up to 57.4 thousand hryvnia per year, legal – to 55.4 thousand hryvnia, technical – to 36.7 per thousand, medical to 41 thousand.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy at the rates in training close to the University of Shevchenko: the legal profession – to 55 thousand hryvnia, technical – to 50 thousand, humanitarian – to 45 thousand, and economic – to 37.5 thousand.

The pandemic coronavirus particular attention is now focused on the doctors and medical system of the country. Solely medical specialty in the relevant University named after Bogomolets: the cost of year of training (specialty and means “Medicine”) 38 172 hryvnia (the entire course is 032 229 thousand UAH). Pediatrics at University is 29 594 thousand hryvnia per year (the rate – 177 564 thousand UAH).

Сколько стоит учеба в топ-15 вузах Киева в 2020 году