How much it costs to collect the child in school

Сколько стоит собрать ребенка в школу

Soon, if the situation in Melitopol with the coronavirus will not change dramatically, students will return to school. Despite the uncertainty, preparing the child for school many parents have started ahead of time. For anybody not a secret that fees is quite expensive. How much is it to assemble a student in Melitopol, recognized journalists of RIA Melitopol.

In Melitopol to stock up on necessities in the stores of stationery and clothes, and the markets. In the Central market a large range of products school subjects: school bags, notebooks, pens, pencil cases, school uniforms. The hardest time we have parents of first-graders. The entire school ammunition they need to pick up from scratch. RIA Melitopol estimate how much it will cost the average family to collect the child in school. Expenditure: clothes, shoes, stationery. For example, take the schoolgirl of the 5th class.

In trend embroidery

Clothing for school is one of the most costly items of consumption among school shopping. In Melitopol there is fashion in a school uniform. But business style has not been canceled. And, at least, on September 1, students come dressed up. This year, as noted by trading at the Central market in the ware series, “white top – black bottom” is not relevant in trend embroidery. Them a go not only to line but also to the lessons. Blouse is from 200 to 300 UAH. skirt to 300 UAH. On average, if we take the set will be released around 600 UAH. Embroidered shirts and dresses, machine embroidered. On and cheap. Shirt handmade embroidery from 600 UAH.

Fashion and “Patriotic” bows – are these from 50 to 140 UAH. per pair. White tights sold at an average of 80 UAH. socks – from 50 UAH.

You also need to buy clothes for physical education. Shoes for kids sell in a different price range. For first graders can be found for 350 UAH. for older students the prices are not much different from adults – from 600 UAH. Approximately as much will have to spend on sweatpants and sneakers.

Leather shoes for first-graders will cost 550 UAH.

Note that here all individually. On the market you can buy really cheap things. Here it all depends on your budget. Moreover, the list is endless – t-shirts, trousers, shirts, spare shoes and a suit – all parents if you do not buy immediately, then later.

Cartoon characters – which packs choose

In the collection of the student’s parents pay special attention to the satchel. Moreover, to save it is not worth it – otherwise there will be problems with the spine. The range of briefcases and bags on the market. Theme fantasy – fairies, favorite cartoon characters are especially popular among school children. For elementary school, say the sellers, suitable and conventional satchel small size. This starts from 250 UAH. But for older children it is better to buy a portfolio of good quality with orthopaedic base and hard back. A pack already starts at 600 UAH. and can serve not one year, says the seller.

Buy stationery not active

As for the list of the office, then the imagination is not limited. What and how much you need to buy is an individual matter.

According to sellers, now a complete lull – school supplies in the large amounts of parents aren’t buying. Like, why still two months otuchat, and quarantine according to the rumours. Compared to the previous year in current prices for the office rose slightly.

For example, 20 notebooks of the usual 12 sheets will cost 34 UAH. colour cover – 54 UAH. Notebook, 20 PCs, 24 sheet – 60 UAH. and 80 UAH.

School report card average is 40-50 UAH. The cheapest paperback – 14 UAH. the most expensive – UAH 95.

Ballpoint pens are from 2 to 16 UAH. Buy 4 PCs at an average price of UAH 4. Pencils 2 – 4 UAH. color – from 12 UAH. Folder for notebooks will cost an average of 30 UAH. pencil case – from 20 UAH. markers – 16 UAH. eraser – 4 UAH. the range is from 5 to 15 UAH. covers for notebooks and books – set of 25 to 50 UAH. Moreover, you will have to buy subject notebook, contour maps and Atlas in geography.

Walking up to the minimum list of school fees, the total sum amounted to an average of two and a half thousand hryvnia. For families who have several students burden on the budget will double. So, not really worth it to buy all at once but as needed. First, it’s all there in the markets and on the Internet. Second children grow fast and the clothes you bought ahead of time can be a little a month later. And, thirdly, the situation with Kovalam worldwide fills little optimism. It is therefore possible that the kids will go back to the remote control.

Сколько стоит собрать ребенка в школу

Сколько стоит собрать ребенка в школу

Сколько стоит собрать ребенка в школу

Сколько стоит собрать ребенка в школу

Сколько стоит собрать ребенка в школу