How much less Europeans, Ukrainians live 24 Channel

На скільки менше за європейців живуть українці - 24 Канал

Ukraine lags behind the European average life expectancy of 8 years. Two of the three Ukrainians die from non-communicable diseases, which are preventable.

This was stated by the General Director of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine Volodymyr Kurpita in time a press-conferences, transfers “UKRINFORM”.

The situation with communicable diseases, in particular hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS remains alarming. This requires complex measures. We talk a lot about the disease and little about what we need to do to stay healthy
– he stressed.

Kurpita added that from 1 January 2020, Ukraine introduced financing programmes for national and regional-level public health.

In August 2018, the Cabinet adopted the national plan for noncommunicable diseases in the following areas: healthy nutrition, the fight against overweight, increase physical activity among citizens, the elimination of tobacco and alcohol, and ensure high-quality water

In addition, the MINISTRY of health should conduct more actively work with young people, students, companies and institutions interested to have a healthy nation.

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