How not to divorce your partner after isolation, the advice of a psychologist

Как не развестись со своей второй половинкой после самоизоляции, - советы психолога

Quarantine is a difficult time for families and for all households. After all, many are not used to spending 24 hours a day indoors. How not to quarrel with the household and as not to spoil the relation with the partner, says psychologist Elizabeth Kircheva.

The psychologist advised not to get away from family conflicts and resolve them by talking. For the period of quarantine, when all the houses you can distribute duties among the household.

-As for couples, the quarantine period is a kind of indicator that helps to identify and clarify the existing problems in the relationship. No one has yet invented anything better dialogue for conflict resolution. To try to hear each other. And not in the format of mutual claims: “you’re a dick and you’re a sheep!” In voicing his feelings. For example, I’m offended, it hurts me when you do, say, act…. I recommend to read both partners the book “Five love languages” Gary Chapman, it is very accessible and sets out specific which can cause problems in relationships and how to resolve them. Also not superfluous will be to go to a psychologist, if you can’t resolve conflicts on their own. Now this can be done online. To communicate with home is with sincere interest, caring and tolerance, but at the same time providing a (possible) personal space.

All the questions you need to speak to enforce the rules of occupancy. Where does the majority of conflicts? Each of us is like a closed lock on the closet, does, and thinks something different, sincerely believing that the partner has to guess at our thoughts, desires, and grievances. And what eventually happens? Sooner or later, all the accumulated breaks out flies the lock, the door flies from its hinges, broken glass, etc. and if the issue gradually, checking the desires and thoughts of his partner of many scandals can be avoided, – said psychologist Elizabeth Kircheva.