How not to fail on the deal with the participation in the share construction – expert advice

Как не прогореть на сделке при участии в долевом строительстве - совет эксперта

Project Declaration and insurance of civil liability of the Builder – basic factors that you need to pay attention when signing the contract for the purchase of housing under the program of shared construction. About it on air of radio “Sputnik” in Crimea, said the head of the Republican real estate Agency Dmitry Mayorov.

“The most reliable scheme by which people can become real estate investors and start to invest in the future construction on favorable terms, – the Federal law 214. The developer can be insured his civil liability may be insured or in a Bank or insurance. If there are any problems, the risks will be covered by the insurance company. So I insured the civil responsibility of the developer or not,” he said.

The expert added that these processes are controlled by Rosreestr. And if the Builder was not insured, the office will refuse to register the contract of purchase and sale.

Another point which you should pay attention before drawing up the agreement, approved by the project Declaration of construction company and authorized capital.

“Project Declaration, by law, must be posted on the website of the company, which offers to join in. We must also pay attention to the share capital of the company, which is engaged in construction. For each power, depending on how much build needed its capital. Need to know what the company is on the market, if they have the money. Often involve contractors with whom future apartments pay, and the schemes work well,” said majors.

However, he added that in Crimea there are developers who would have worked without the approved design Declaration.

“We have no such precedents. There are options when do not submit, delay (the delivery of the house – ed.) for a year or two, three months is normal practice. All developers who now go to the Crimea, you know that there is a resonance, so they are neat and are unlikely to enter the draft and take the money because it is a large risks,” – said the expert.

Majors also commented on the law, according to which from July 1, developers will need to adopt new rules for financing the construction of residential properties: to attract the money of investors will be possible only through special accounts in authorised banks.

“This will be reflected primarily on the fact that people will pay more money. Already, the developers raise the cost, not because the building materials have risen in price, because they know what lies ahead. What it will guarantee for people – Yes, people will be protected. Rebuild the model for some regions and fall under the distribution of everything. The presence of the Bank in the scheme show good lobby with the banks. The market will regulate everything”, – concluded Dmitry Mayorov.