How often should I change the fuel filter

Как часто нужно менять топливный фильтр

Some car owners claim that the fuel filter should be replaced at every second THAT. However, others believe that this “consumable” perfectly cope with their responsibilities for almost the entire life of the machine, reports

So what is the frequency really need to change the fuel filtering element?

Even the most non technical drivers know that the fuel filter is designed to purify the product of the “power” of the vehicle from all kinds of contaminations: dust, sand, and garbage in General, from what has no place in the cylinders of the engine. On modern machines “check” the fuel takes place in two stages: first, the “dirt” eliminates the prefilter (fine nylon mesh before the fuel pump), and then filter.

The last is of two kinds: external, i.e. located outside of the fuel tank (under the vehicle or under the hood), and a built-in, which is part of the fuel module or, in other words, the pump. Diesel machines are used exclusively striation is due to the fact that in addition to the filter, hide the sensor and the tube drain water, and often heated.

As for the petrol auto, in which in our days are more common built-in filters from the camera car gradually refuse in mind the imperfections of the design. However, they still have their widely used manufacturers like, say, Volkswagen.

Controversy car owners regarding the frequency of changing the fuel filter are connected with the ignorance of “armchair experts” – not everyone knows those things about which we spoke in the preceding paragraphs. Those who about the different types of “consumable” heard, you know – the life of the item depends on where it is located.

So, external filters manufacturers, as a rule, recommend to change at 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, while the built-in – no earlier than 100,000 km, and then do not touch it. Why? Yes, because removing the old element involves the disassembly of the fuel pump and on some models it is necessary to remove the fuel tank. That makes them the conscience to once again not get into the system.

It should be noted that the replacement of the external filter located as we have said, underneath the car or under the hood, should be approached with maximum caution. After all, neither one nor the other option does not mean “sterile” – how many transfer hoses and connections does not wash, and grit and fine dirt will still stick and as a result will clog the nozzles of the fuel injectors.

To change the filter no matter external or built-in – more often than tells avtostroitel, no sense. Of course, if the car asks himself an increased consumption of gas, loss of traction, intermittent or tripling of the motor.