How profitable the App Store Google Play?

Насколько App Store прибыльнее Google Play?

Analytics firm Sensor Tower has published a new study which assessed the income of the App Store and Google Play for 2018. It turned out that the corporate app catalog Apple almost twice more profitable than its main competitor. The Google app store has managed to reduce the gap between the App Store and even take the lead on the General growth rate.

For the evaluation of the Sensor Tower, all users spent 71,3 billion dollars on apps and games in 2018. Most revenue brought branded app catalog App Store – total has been spent of 46.6 billion, which is 20.4% more than in 2017. Apparently, the global redesign of the App Store has really benefited both users and developers.

Next comes the app store Google Play Store. During the same reporting period, users spent 24.8 billion dollars, and this in turn by 27.3% more than in 2017. An impressive figure, but still very far from the App Store.

Such a significant gap in the profitability of the stores can be explained by the fact that Google Play does not work in China, then how the App Store operates without any restrictions. Experts say that on equal terms the income could be quite different.

However, if we talk about the number of downloads of applications, the difference is not in favor of the corporate app catalog Apple. For 2018 in Google Play was made 75,7 billion downloads, while the App Store is only 29.6 billion.

Analysts noted that significant growth was recorded on both platforms. Yet Google Play is lagging behind – but it is possible that over time, Android will become a leader.

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Насколько App Store прибыльнее Google Play?

Насколько App Store прибыльнее Google Play?

Насколько App Store прибыльнее Google Play?