How quickly Smoking ages the face: study

Как быстро курение старит лицо: исследование

Smoking adversely affects the health, it does not tire of repeating doctors, scientists and manufacturers of tobacco, too, admit it. It is also no secret that Smoking adversely affects the appearance of people. In particular, it promotes rapid aging. In how much time Smoking “manifest” on the face – said the scientists.

Scientists from Bristol University said that Smoking is a factor in premature aging of the face, reports 24.

Due to Smoking your skin is prematurely aging by 10-20 years, and three times increased the likelihood of wrinkles on the face, especially around the eyes and mouth.

Also Smoking causes a yellowish or yellowish-gray complexion and sunken cheeks, researchers note.

For the study, researchers drew two groups of participants: the first was 182 961 participants who never smoked, the second – 150 831 of a man who smoked at the time of the experiment or in the past.

Consequently, it was found that people from the second group were more prone to premature aging of the skin, and also for the worst functionality of the lungs and had high risks of skin cancer.

Smoking blocks the oxygen supply to the skin. This in turn helps to ensure that the skin ages faster and looks grey and dull. Toxins from Smoking that accumulate in your body due to the habit of Smoking also cause cellulite, says the report of the National health service in the UK.