How ripen “the grapes of wrath”?

Как вызревают "гроздья гнева"?

The movement of the “yellow jackets” in France is very heterogeneous – it is the Ministry of interior, talking about it and the activists. A film crew “Euronews” went to the suburbs of Lyon, to meet with the “ordinary” demonstrators and ask them what they want.

Evelyn bass for 54 years, for many years she worked as a janitor. She underwent a serious operation on the spine, then she was diagnosed with breast cancer, to work the bass more could not: she was assigned to the 2nd group of disability.

“After a few months I will get 700 euros,” she says, ” that is, after paying bills and apartment to me is not to be missed for food or clothes, anything!”

Today its revenues are falling every month, and Evelyn has had to get in on the pending “rainy day” savings, until one day those will not end at all.

To the “yellow jackets,” she joined two weeks ago, at the end of November. Evelyn hopes that the movement will be able to raise the minimum disability pensions and overall living wage. Despite the condition, she is determined to take to the streets as long as the government will not go forward like her.

Another participant in the protests, a 36-year-old Sandro Puy. He says that barely survives on welfare for the poor:

“550 euros per month – how to live with it? Fee for phone insurance on the car, a little gasoline so that you can travel, housing, because it is necessary to pay rent, insurance, and all there’s nothing left at all. I joined the “yellow jackets” to change everything, to fix everything.”

Puy says that he lost his job after a long conflict with the authorities, then pleaded. After the divorce, his son remained with his mother:

“My child, I can’t cope, I’m not able to pay for what he needs, I can’t give him gifts on a birthday, for Christmas.”

Puy is convinced that all means are focused at the rich, and demands from the authorities to better distribute the money. Otherwise, he is ready to continue the protests as long as necessary, even on holidays.

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