How saving a pet from heat stroke: symptoms and first aid

Как спасти питомца от теплового удара: симптомы и первая помощь

Heat stroke is one of the main causes of death of animals in the summer. The body of our smaller brothers arranged differently and therefore overheats in the sun fairly quickly.

Heat stroke is prolonged exposure to high body temperature on the body. Certainly, many familiar with it in the summer firsthand. But our Pets suffer from the heat, no less. How to protect your pet from overheating, said in media center Informant veterinarian Ivan Vasiliev.

The specialist said that we are all made up of protein, so when the body body temperature exceeds 40 degrees, there is a breakdown of this substance. This process is so terrible overheating of the body. At risk often are animals that spend most of their time in the yard where there is no shade. Pet can get heatstroke and in public transport in the hands of the owner. Besides, in any case, you can’t leave animals in closed cars, which in fact is a dangerous trap.

Different breeds react differently to the sun. Short-haired animals are less susceptible to thermal shock. Accordingly, suffer a long-haired, especially Persian cats and show dogs. A separate approach is needed to the Northern breeds. Husky, Malamute in the summer, you need to create special conditions, as they are not suited to our climate.

The thing is that the temperature in the animals higher than humans, so they overheat easier. Also they have no such number of sweat glands as humans. They cool the water through the tongue and the belly, where there is no hair. So the best thing to do in summer is to prevent heat stroke:

  • Do not take your pet in public transport and don’t leave it in the car. Also a strike could trigger and long walks on the street.
  • If you know that you still have to travel with a pet, try to schedule them before 10:00 or after 18:00. Bring water for the pet, but only warm, you can wet the belly of the pet and to keep it cool. Cold water to do this, you should not use. This causes hypothermal shock, that is sharply pereohlazhden the body, which can cause the death of the animal.

The symptoms of heat stroke your pet to recognize very easily. The vet puts them in order of severity of condition:

  • First, there is a strong shortness of breath. So the animal is actively trying to evaporate water from the tongue and cool the body.
  • If you touch your pet, it will be very hot. Especially “burn” the ears.
  • The most severe stage, the animal responds to the environment on the person. He hear his name, don’t feel like stroking or touching.

If you notice your pet similar symptoms, try to measure the temperature. This can be a conventional electronic thermometer, preferably a child. If the level rose beyond 40 degrees, you should begin first aid. Of course, it is advisable to immediately call a doctor. However, if you are far away from the city, then to help his “fuzzy” you can own.

  • Take water at room temperature, and moisten the animal’s tongue and the belly, it needs to be constantly wet and steaming.
  • The medication can be applied dexamethasone at a dosage of 0.1 ml per 5 kg. This will allow to stop the shock. Another option is aminophylline. with the same dosage. If the animal is more than 10 kg, you can take 2 ml of This drug will support the respiratory system. In both cases he needs intravenous – so the medication is better absorbed into the blood.

Remember that you have only an hour and a half to save the animal since, as you saw, it ceased to respond to the environment. Even if you had pet first aid, it is better to take him to the vet to prescribed the right treatment.

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