How simple and quick way to get rid of constipation without drugs

Как просто и быстро избавиться от запора без лекарств

Difficulty bowel movement is a common problem. The easiest way to solve the problem simply and quickly – use of laxative medicines, but there is another way. “Rambler” learned how to deal with the problem without medication.

Specialist-gastroenterologist of the highest category, candidate of medical Sciences Valentina lupanova told that can help with constipation.

Drink water

Water is needed by the body, dehydration may cause constipation. According to the gastroenterologist, to the day you need to drink about half a liter of water. Not necessarily to drink, “I do not want”, but to adhere to the approximate values necessary.

Foods high in fiber help to deal with constipation. These include: dried mushrooms, bran, dried fruits, legumes, cereals, berries. They will help “encourage” sluggish bowels and to establish a chair.


Very often problems with the chair arise because of a lack of physical activity. So Valentina lupanova advised to walk a lot and climb the stairs.

If all these tips do not help, you should go to the doctor for laxatives drugs. Do not take medications without a doctor’s prescription, it can be dangerous.