How smartphone affect human sleep: research shows unexpected results

Как смартфон влияет на сон человека: неожиданные результаты исследования

With the advent of smartphones, many users do not release their grip on their devices throughout the day and until late at night. Scientists have repeatedly conducted studies that indicate harm from blue light of the screen, and now they failed completely to understand how the brightness of the display affects the quality of sleep.

Details of the study. Lit for a few seconds the screen may not be the cause of insomnia. A surge of light only slightly difficult to fall asleep, but does not affect the total circadian rhythms of the body, according to the resource

The study was conducted through the study of the behavior of the brain during brief exposure to light pulses.

Как смартфон влияет на сон человека: неожиданные результаты исследования

Smartphones do not affect the quality of sleep of the person

The results of the study challenge a long-standing assertion that any light information is transmitted to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which is located in the hypothalamus and is responsible for synchronizing the cycles of sleep and wakefulness of the human body. This area of the brain called the circadian pacemaker.

Как смартфон влияет на сон человека: неожиданные результаты исследования

Circadian rhythm

“Before the widespread use of electricity the effect of light on the human body was forecasted. But the light was very affordable. Came the smartphone with a bright display, and we were subjected to exposure to light at inappropriate from a biological point of view of time,” commented research associate Professor of neurobiology at northwestern University (USA) Tiffany Schmidt.

Our task is to find out how different types of light information are transmitted to the brain,
added Schmidt.

Conclusions. Discovery scientists an opportunity to understand that a short use of smartphone at night can cause tiredness the next day, but does not affect the human biological clock.

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