How spices affect health

Как специи влияют на здоровье

Carnation makes a toothache, and if you burn the Bay leaf, then the room will disappear unpleasant odors.

In the world there are tens of thousands of different kinds of spices. One of the most expensive saffron. To get a kilo of this seasoning, you need to collect and sort through 170 thousand colors. Price per gram over 100 g of hryvnia. Saffron has established itself as an effective antiseptic, but he’s not alone.

Turmeric is much cheaper and is the most popular Oriental spice. It is proved that turmeric helps prevent cancer. In addition, spice is a natural antibiotic, improves memory and lowers blood pressure. But the real magic she works with food: if you add a spoon of turmeric in a food dish (for example, ordinary thin pancakes) will gain a spicy flavor and appetizing yellow color.

Cloves, which can be a boon against pain and promotes rapid healing of wounds, at the same time, can harm pregnant women, as it causes excessive excitation.

So remember: spices should be in moderation.