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Как действовать при инсульте:  полезные советы - 24 Канал

Martial law is frightening, but what if I tell you that there are not less terrible danger? And that it is already here. What if I told you that about 110 000 Ukrainians in the course of the next year will suffer and some will die?

Know what I mean? Stroke.

Stroke – a sudden disruption of blood supply to the brain. To put it simply, this is when the blood for one or other reason not received by a part of the brain cells which are affected. Depending on the plot, a person loses function, sometimes vital.

The key to saving – quickly identify and proceed to the hospital. Now theses.

When to suspect?

When the designer (!) sudden disturbances of body functions. Refused the hand/leg, blind, disoriented, dizziness and acute headache.

This is exactly the reason to worry? What to do?

If critical violations (for example, the man suddenly went blind or lost consciousness) – call an ambulance immediately by telephone 103.
But very dangerous non-critical violations, they often do not pay attention. If you have even the slightest doubt, test the person by algorithm FAST. Explain what you are concerned and ask them to follow a few simple steps.

F, Face, face. Ask them to smile. The asymmetry of the smile – call 103!
A, Arms, hands. Ask at the same time raise both arms. Did not work at the same time – 103!
S, Speech, speech. Ask them to say a simple sentence, for example: “I will share this post”. Failed clearly – call an ambulance!
T, Time, time. The reaction rate is important for survival.

Failure of at least one of the items – a reason to call an ambulance. And it is always better to be safe: better safe than sorry!

What to do while waiting for the ambulance?

1. The access of air, will weaken the pressure of the clothes, delete the load
2. The control of consciousness, breathing (if took training)
3. Not let her eat/drink/medication.

We live in difficult times, but the daily challenges have not gone away. Let us be attentive to each other! And competent!

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