How to avoid from the air conditioner: important advice from scientists

Как не простудиться от кондиционера: важные рекомендации от ученых

With the onset of heat, many people in apartments and offices started to actively use conditioners. That is why you should pay attention to the warnings of doctors and microbiologists that the conditioning weakens human immunity and exposes the body to a severe test.

It is impossible to get sick just after sitting under the air conditioner. But there are some prevailing factors which can cause colds. For example, if you summer in the street comes to a room with air conditioning – can cool. This is directly related to temperature difference.

The common cold is always an infection, and a cold can just to provoke a weakening of the immune system and to accelerate the development of this infection. Air conditioning very dry air and as a result weakens the immune system of the nasal mucosa and upper respiratory tract. So it’s best to use conditioners that moisturize the air.

The most dangerous bacterium, which is fairly widespread in cooling systems, air – Legionella. This bacterium causes Pittsburgh pneumonia is a serious infectious disease, which is fatal in 15% of cases.

According to doctors, this type of pneumonia is not associated with household air conditioners. Besides the danger may be only a very large concentration of such bacteria.

As for colds with sudden temperature drops when people from hot air come into the cooled space, they are primarily caused by a weakening of the immune system.