How to behave after vaccination

Как вести себя после прививки

Doctor Eugene Shcherbina told what you can and cannot do after the vaccination. Writes referring to “channel 24”.

According to the specialist, to bathe the child after vaccination. We should not be afraid to wet the injection site. It’s okay if it was red and swollen. Also don’t need to keep the kid locked up. A visit to the school in this case has not been canceled and was not forbidden. This includes walks in the fresh air. Do not be afraid that your child will be in contact with peers. Communication will not harm him or his comrades. And, of course, about food. Many parents believe that after inoculation it is necessary to change the diet of the baby. But it’s not. There can be all that and prior to vaccination.

But to smear the site of the injection are not worth it. Besides, it is necessary to forget about natural remedies relieve edema – honey, aloe Vera, cabbage leaf and other things. It is strictly prohibited different kinds of compresses and iodine mesh. Remember that swelling after vaccination goes away by itself. It will happen in 3-5 days.