How to buy a car in Germany and drive to Ukraine

Как купить машину в Германии и пригнать в Украину

If you are going to buy a car from Europe, you need to understand all the risks. And here are collected all the main points on how to buy a car in Germany and drive it to Ukraine.

As reported “Facts”, to buy and drive a car from Europe to Ukraine possible by yourself or through an intermediary. With the latest version from the buyer almost nothing. This is convenient, but involves additional costs.

By the way, to turn to intermediaries, not only a full range of services, but also for partial. It is much cheaper. Most importantly, choose a car and test it.

Clearance sale

  • The purchase must be documented.
  • It may be a contract of sale for private purchase or account-offer when buying a car in the cabin.
  • The second option is the best opportunity of VAT refund, however the price of cars from private owners initially below.
  • other documents

Refer to the documents you need with all the care, detail reviewing the information of the buyer, the seller (name, data ID, etc.) and vehicle (VIN, other rooms).

In the interior documents may be obtained on the spot in about half an hour. In a personal buying time costs can be much higher.

In addition to the contract of sale, shall be: certificate of conformity, as well as “small” and “large” Brief (certificate of registration with full and limited information).

Registration in Germany

Whichever way you’ve bought a car, the next step is to contact the registered office (Kfz-Zulassungsstelle).

The various services of the registration procedure may be different, but in General it looks like this:

– filing of documents, setting of the period of insurance and transit numbers;

– payment of required fees;

– registration of new certificates;

– production and issuance of transit plates and insurance;

– installation of transit;

– the call of the inspector;

– check the inspector the VIN code and other parameters, checking and receiving documents.

As a result you get new evidence, insurance and transit numbers.

However, this technology requires at least minimal knowledge of the language. If this is the problem, for an additional price service Desk can act through an intermediary.

Everything you need to write a power of attorney for the employee and a few hours to wait for the result.

Transit through the EU

The shortest route from Germany to Ukraine through Poland. For crossing the border on the purchased car is better to get the transit Declaration T2.

It can be drawn on the German-Polish border. Purchase Declaration is not required, but offers certain advantages.

Without T2 poles insist on the “escort service” – you will be taken to the border under police escort at a cost of €0,5 per km.

Even before the departure from Ukraine it is better to enter into an agreement with the customs broker in the support of your transaction. It will help with verification and processing of all documents for customs.

Another variant of transit – train, which can be arranged in advance or after the purchase. Road train carrying several cars at once, so will need to wait until it is completed.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a complex process and costly. It is important to remember that part payments should be made?? in advance, and some of the documents prepared?? at different stages.

Therefore it is useful to use the services of customs brokers.

Previously we have calculated how much will cost the customs clearance of cars in Ukraine, according to the new law, and also created a handy table of counting.

The certificate of conformity

To design a car according to Ukrainian laws, we need a new certificate of compliance. You can get it already in Ukraine after the customs procedures the special accredited organizations.

If you have used the services of a customs broker will only need to come up with documents and vehicles, to provide it for inspection, pay a fee and get the document.

Registration in MREO

With the car and all documents have to go in MREO. Paid the fee depends on the parameters of the car. The procedure of registration takes place in the usual way.

Как купить машину в Германии и пригнать в Украину