How to buy experience of the Pension Fund: how much is a year of insurance experience

Как купить стаж у Пенсионного фонда: сколько стоит год страхового стажа

It is already known that about half of citizens of Ukraine, who in the year 2027 needs to retire, for various reasons, can not meet the requirement for the duration of the insurance experience of the person.

These people will be forced or to work until very old age and may not know what a well-deserved rest. If the person has the necessary savings, then you can just buy the right amount of insurance.

Ukrainian legislation stipulates two types of such purchase.

In the first case, the pension Fund can buy experience, counting the cost of the month by the formula: 22% multiplied by the minimum wage and multiplied by two, which as of today is 2 078 UAH. That is, the year of insurance would cost a person at 24.9 thousand UAH. This option is suitable for people of retirement age.

If the age and state of health allow him to work, but there is an understanding that we need of insurance, he still will not gain until you reach retirement age, you may submit an application to the Pension Fund on the voluntary payment of the minimum payment – 22% of minimum wage. At the moment it is 1 039 UAH per month.

Note, next year in Ukraine shall come into force Pension reform. Those who have already retired will be required to Deposit money into a personal account. The money or take from existing taxes and fees, or forced to pay extra.

Ukraine is among the 15 countries with the fastest rates of population decline, according to the UN. Moreover, in the next few decades, the population decline will occur at the expense of the able-bodied.

That is, the people before the retirement age will be or to escape from life for various reasons, or to leave Ukraine in search of a better life.

In 5 years the population will be reduced by 18%, and the ratio between retirees and workers will increase by almost half. That is, the Pension Fund in the future may not be able to cope with payments to the elderly.