How to call in emergency service management company in Melitopol

Как дозвониться в аварийную службу управляющей компании в Мелитополе

In Melitopol the new management company “mining” which serves the residential sector of the city instead of CP “housing estate” plans to open in the pilots ‘ town its representation.

Meanwhile, the company has a Central office. It is located at the address: PR. 50 anniversary of Victory, 55-A.

On all questions the Manager asks consumers to contact the emergency service by phone: (44-03-85 and 068-068-9878, 097-597-49-81).

– If the work is an emergency, we fulfill it immediately. If planned, the application coordinating with the senior on houses, – says the Director of LLC “Management company “miner” Sergey Kupreenko. Phones the foreman, plumbers and my personal, all have elders at home. We communicate viber, messenger, telegram. Our masters don’t need to run around and look for them. The senior on the house can just text message or call.”

In addition, the management company is engaged in the development of the site and by February 1, promises to run it for the convenience of informing consumers.