How to care for hair in summer

Как ухаживать за волосами летом

Our hair is always in need of proper care, suitable a particular time of year. Summer hair itasaidia especially with sun exposure and dry air. In addition, seawater significantly affects their appearance. If you want to protect your hair from any problems, you should follow a few recommendations below in the fall the hair has not lost its healthy glow, reports

Rule # 1: headwear

The wearing of a headdress in the summer is a necessity. Firstly, hats and caps are a reliable protection from thermal shock. And secondly, a hat will protect hair from harmful sun rays.

Rule # 2: protective equipment

Cosmetics, which has protective properties, it is useful in the summer. The composition of these funds includes UV filters, oil and minerals. Sprays, lotions, emulsions and balms is very effective in the summer, so you should take care should be protected.

Rule # 3: failure from daily shampooing

Popular shampoos, tend to be very aggressive. Therefore, we must either give up daily shampooing, or buy for the summer means plant-based. Perfect in summer are the shampoos, which is composed of seaweed, coconut milk and olive oil.

Rule # 4: refrain from styling tools

Styling hair is not the best way affect their condition. Due to varnishes and gels only increases the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon them in the summer.

Rule # 5: the rejection of the coloring

Chemical treatments are useful for hair. That is why such treatments like coloring, highlights, chemistry would be better for summer to be abandoned. The same applies to the use of dryers, irons and plates.

Rule No. 6: the right comb

Summer hair is very susceptible to harmful influences. It is very important to use the right brush from natural materials, which minimizes all the risks.