How to celebrate New 2020

В чем встретить Новый 2020 год

When you say: “As the New year meet, so spend it”, I mean, not only the wealth around the table, good company and merriment. Great role playing outfit – it is from his choice depends on whether the next year to accompany financial success and luck. So the delay of the case and go to choose what you will spend occasion. In the catalog of elegant pieces for any taste and budget – blouses, skirts, pants, dresses (there are large size dresses). You can place the order on the website and pay in any convenient way (a map online, no Commission, cash on delivery). Free delivery throughout Ukraine.

Advice from the stylists

2020 – the year of friendly white rat. Choosing the dress for yourself, you need to consider her character – she’s a Keeper, friendly, highly regards family values. Hence, a few parameters that need to be guided when buying. Outfit for a holiday should be:

  • Comfortable, convenient. Take the model with free cut, or at least too tight – not to peredelyvali anywhere, not constrain movements.
  • Made of natural fabrics. The patroness of the next year puts nature above all, and therefore prefers the materials presented to her. Welcome, not only cotton, but satin, silk, wool. At the same time from clothes made of synthetics at holiday time should be abandoned.
  • Discreet colors. Ideally, the better to celebrate the New year in white, grey, silver metallic. Fit black is a classic. To bring in the way of flavor, you can choose a model with a black veil (tunic) on a white or light dress. Other options – powdery tones, including with sequins, peach, coral, salmon, beige and all shades close to the land, nature.

What style, style to choose

This season in fashion – things in retro style. Want to be in trend? Choose lush, multi-tiered models, such as ruffles, large buttons. Length is not important – should be nice and comfortable. Preferred styles of dresses: bandeau, bodycon, dress with wrap, long evening dresses, blouses and skirts with embroidery, lace, mini.

To add femininity, spice, consider the model:

  • Bustier. Open collarbones and shoulders not only look feminine but also add to the beauty of the breast.
  • The open back. Most importantly, choosing an outfit with her, to monitor the posture has to be perfect.
  • Asymmetry. In fashion again the clothes on one shoulder or an asymmetrical hem.

What shoes, jewelry

Shoes should be selected so as to fit together and to the format of the occasion – suitable shoes and sandals or stylish sneakers. It is important to be comfortable.

From jewelry is better to give preference to small inconspicuous products – positum, delicate chain, brooches, Golden onion ring or bracelet.