How to change operator and keep your phone number

Как сменить оператора связи и сохранить свой номер телефона

From the first of may in Ukraine will start to operate the MNP service. It allows you to change operator while retaining the old phone number.

That provides for the MNP service

This service will be useful for those who have long been using one phone number, as well as for those who have this number is linked with various online services, social networks, banking systems, and the like.

By the way, the MNP service in developed countries introduced in the early 2000s. Therefore, depending on the operator and geography, the service can be activated within a few hours or a few days. Now MNP operates in more than 80 countries.

In Ukraine, talking about MNP at the legislative level in 2010, but due to bureaucratic difficulties, interaction with operators, launching and testing new software the process was delayed. And the final date of the launch of the service for General use transferred several times.

Как сменить оператора связи и сохранить свой номер телефона

How to change operator and keep your phone number

From a technical point of view, the MNP service is implemented through a routing signals on a specific phone number after transferring it to another operator. In most cases, this is done using a Central database of ported numbers.

How to change operator while retaining the phone number

1. You first need to check if your room is in you. This can be done in your account on the operator’s website or in one of the company stores communication.

2. If not, you will need to fill out a form and provide a digital signature from the Bank, or one of the documents.

3. Then you need to apply for the transfer of the phone number and get a new SIM card, after the operator approves it.

It is important! Suppliers of mobile services may refuse to transfer the number if the number is not registered, the questionnaire provided an incorrect data after the last transfer of mobile number is not passed 30 days, the subscriber has submitted MNP request to multiple operators.

In General, the procedure of transfer takes three working days. After the transition to a new operator only need to choose the suitable tariff plan. In “Kyivstar” and “Vodafone Ukraine” have confirmed that the MNP and new SIM card will not have to pay.

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