How to check the battery by the method of first-graders

Как проверить заряд батарейки по методу первоклашки

The battery is charged or completely dead? It will not be a problem if you have a multimeter. But what if you don’t have a tester? There is one simple and simple way, says “So easy!”.

How to check the battery

Inside each battery there are electric gel electrolyte. With the help of simple chemistry of the battery contains a charge and feeds the device. In another way this current source is also called a galvanic element, named after Luigi Galvani, who discovered this effect.

So, how do you check the battery on charge without using the tester? It is actually very simple. But to understand the essence of this method, you need to conduct a little experiment. For him, we need 2 batteries-one fully charged and the other is completely dead, no charge.

Charged battery, put on the table in a vertical position. Then take her finger tips over the top, slightly raise and release at a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the surface. Battery with a full charge should fall “hard”. If it charged, then when landing it will be more stable and won’t bounce. Incidentally, for the accuracy of this trick is best done on a table with a stable surface.

The same should be repeated with a different battery. Also put it perpendicular to the table and let go to check, if it bounces from the surface. A dead battery will fall easily, and the most important point – it should bounce from the surface.

Why is this happening? All because in a charged battery the electrolyte is in a liquid state. And low battery gel transforms into a solid state, which increases its “Jumpy” properties. It’s simple chemistry and physics that are taught in school.

Incidentally, this trick, I told my son. What now smart kids went. Ask him: “how did you know about this method?” And he looks at me in surprise and said, “Dad, well fixies in the cartoon show”. We should sometimes listen to their children. I that seems to be a good student – have lived up to gray hairs and didn’t know about this method.

Now, when the TV remote stops working, you can check the batteries run down or it broke. Also with clock, and any other appliances that use ordinary batteries.