How to choose a warm and comfortable jacket?

Как выбрать теплый и комфортный пуховик?

What is the jacket warm in intensely cold weather? And how much will it cost?

Journalists of the TV channel 34 conducted an experiment.

Top insulators, which is filled with down jackets, we started making at the beginning of winter. Will check that today offer for sale and how much are such of the jacket, because the low temperatures forecast next week.

Insulation “bio-down” can take up to three thousand. One hundred percent environmentally friendly nontoxic slightly below one and a half thousand hryvnia. More than 1,300 are quilted jackets. But warm whether such artificial fillers? We carry out a simple experiment. Dress up two different composition down and imagine that we have to wait at a stop of public transport.

Elena – the jacket with synthetic padding, the reporter with a synthetic lining environmentally friendly nontoxic.

“I am now comfortable, but if the temperature is below – and you can stay warm,” says Elena Piskun.

So, to withstand the -2, as it is today, in the jackets on sintepon and holofayber – you can. But in 20 minutes we were cold. So we continue the search for filler that will protect in real cold.

This kind of the inside is synthetic. Designed for temperatures of up to 30 degrees. But more hardy to cold is the natural filler.

“Goose feather”, which show us in the store, Packed in special capsules, and therefore does not change. Therefore, it is possible to wash in the machine. But the price bites. To eight thousand hryvnia” – says the consultant of the store Mariana.

However, there is another material that is able to win the leadership in our ranking of the most warm is the Thinsulate! Lining is made of fleece – a lightweight material with additional thermal protection.

Manufacturers claim that these clothes are not afraid of frosts to 30 degrees. Are products of Thinsulate cheaper than goose feather. Up to five thousand hryvnia.