How to choose to brew PU-erh tea to get maximum pleasure

Как выбрать заварить пуэр, чтобы получить максимум удовольствия

If you are already thinking about meeting with Chinese PU-erh, but I’m afraid to brew it you need a special calm. Both varieties of this tea, Shu and Shana, do not prepared the way Europeans are accustomed to. But it’s not that difficult. Share lifehacks, with which your tea party will definitely turn into a celebration.

Shu or Sheng – what to choose

Let’s start with the selection of tea. The wine is red and white. PU’er, too, is different – light and dark (for comparison, look at teas in catalogue The first is called the Shen, a second – Shu. The difference:

  • Shu Puer similar in appearance to green tea. His emerald tea leaves, infusion turns translucent, Golden-olive shade. In taste notes of fresh herbs, summer meadows and flowers.
  • Shu PU-erh will appeal to fans of black tea. Tea leaves he has a chocolate hue, infusion turns amber-brown. In taste notes of oak, plum, wood, dried fruit.

PU-erh tea come in loose and pressed. Form does not affect the quality of tea, just decide how you prefer to brew. From pancake (pancakes) or brick will have to break off a small portion. With loose easier in this regard.

Pay attention to the tea leaves – they should be clean, without any admixture of scrap, coarse cuttings and debris. The PU-erh there should be no sharp notes of mold and damp basement, this is a sign of improper storage.

How to brew

The method of infusion used by the Europeans, not suitable for PU-erh. These teas are a better cook Straits on Chinese technology. If you take good purified water (can be bottled but not mineral) flavor will be revealed better.

Brewing puerh on the steps:

  1. Rinse the bowl with boiling water. Will fit any teapot: clay, glass, pottery, porcelain or typed.
  2. 150 ml of water enough teaspoon of PU-erh. Place the leaves in a bowl, pour water to cover the tea leaves and drain it. This flushing tea.
  3. Pour water again, but already full teapot. Wait 15-30 seconds, depending on the tea and fortress which want to receive. The present Shu Puer is almost black. Shana, it is important not to overdo, otherwise there will be bitterness.
  4. Pour the infusion cups (preferably bowls) and drink.
  5. This portion of the flooding water before 6-8 times. The exposure time gradually increase.

PU-erh tea to drink without sugar, lemon and milk, additives distort the original taste. The most useful tea – freshly brewed, leave it to cool. Quality PU’er tea strengthens the immune system, purifies the blood from toxins, improves digestion and even accelerates the breakdown of fats helping to lose weight.