How to chop onions and not cry: seven ways

Как нарезать лук и не расплакаться: семь способов

Cutting an onion we all cry during the melodrama! But there are ways to avoid it.

Tears are due to a chemical reaction that acts as a kind of defense mechanism.

Cutting onion ruptures its cells, releasing an enzyme. As this enzyme is distributed, it turns into sultanovoy acid. Acid acts on the eye ducts which causes tears.

And here are 7 ways to chop onions without crying.

Method 1: Wear glasses.

This is the most obvious solution, and it works. Glasses should prevent contact of the enzyme onion in your tear ducts.

Method 2: Clamp a wooden spoon between the teeth.

Although the wood can absorb some acidic substances rising from your cutting Board, it is only a little more effective.

Method 3: Spray cutting Board with vinegar.

Sprinkling your cutting Board with a small amount of white vinegar, you can slow down a chemical reaction.

Method 4: Cook the onion in the microwave.

This will help to relieve the bow by certain enzymes. But this method spoils the texture of onions in the house will be odor resistant.

Method 5: Cut the onion under water.

This method prevents 100% of the enzymes in your eyes. But be careful and don’t hurt hands.

Method 6: Cut onion in different ways.

The sulfoxide amino acids are inside the bow, but not evenly. You can cut the onion in half lengthwise, keeping the root intact, then thinly slice perpendicular to the root, taking care not to cut all the roots to the end.

Method 7: Sharpen your knife before cutting.

This is definitely the most effective way. Use a sharp knife limits cell damage bow, so there is less gas.