How to contact tech support Apple if you live in Ukraine

The products Apple is famous for its reliability, however, and it sometimes has problems. However, if you live in Ukraine, even this can be difficult.

What is the main problem

Now in Ukraine there is no official representation of Apple, but because when a user experiences problems with their devices they have to apply to certified service centers.

How to contact the technical support of the “Apple” of the Corporation, if you live on the territory of Ukraine, said the author Igor Philo in his blog for AppleInsider.

As the author notes, the former Soviet Union the official representation of Apple is only in Russian. They sell “Apple” gadgets and to support a hotline. However, this number can call only the residents of the Russian Federation.

Как связаться с техподдержкой Apple, если вы живете в Украине

Как связаться с техподдержкой Apple, если вы живете в Украине

If you have a problem with Apple devices – you can only reach in the United States

From outside of the country’s internal number format 8-800 call neither on the phone nor using IP telephony.

The second problem is that the Apple website determines the user’s location and gives the outside of the Russian Federation to chat or make a request by e-mail. So, we need to find ways of handling the technical support is not in Russia and in the country where you can make calls to international phone numbers.

How to contact Apple technical support

To date, so you can call US at the number +18002752273.


Of course, you need to be prepared to communicate in English and to fork out for international calls. The first issue lies in the use of the usual “Google translator”, in which you must make your request outlining the problem and asking them to switch to Russian-language specialist for further consultation.

The second issue is solved by using good old Skype, which allows free calls to numbers of format + 1800… in the United States. Algorithm of actions of the author were as follows:

  • To execute a call in the Skype room +18002752273. The tube raises the answering machine. To get to communicate with a live person you need to listen to the greeting and to reply to two questions.
  • The first question is: “Please tell me what product or service you’re calling about”. That is, say, related to a product or service you are addressing. Since the author had problems with Apple ID, it said “Apple ID”.
  • After outlining the basic problem in the instructions the answering machine asked a second question, does the user of the connection with the operator. For him, he answered simply – “Yes”.
  • There is a connection with a support specialist. A real person will pick up the phone and ask what might help.

Russian support for Apple

I said, in his broken English in advance prepared phrase, I’m calling from Ukraine, bad know English and asked to transfer me to the specialist of the Russian Apple support,
– said the author.

The operator politely responded that without a problem and was asked to stay on the line. After a few seconds the author already asked the girl in Russian.

Work support

It is worth noting that Apple tech support really works premium. From time to time experts put a lot, at first glance, any questions, carefully asked to perform on the screen of the gadget, a particular user, but in most cases all problems are indeed solved.


While in the service centers all the recommendations usually are mainly the latest gadget from iCloud, reset to factory settings and further configure as a new device.

In the author’s case, the operator Apple support immediately demanded a mobile phone number for feedback, and since the problem with the work account on the iPhone once not been resolved, technicians contacted him a few times at a convenient time, requested using the special tool, the ability to see what is happening on the screen of the device during the various manipulations, and studied for several days the device logs, which the author sent them an email.

Then the problem was solved, and not have to reset the gadget to factory settings.

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