How to control the kite on the water and how much time to learn. Tips extreme

Як управляти кайтом на воді і скільки часу потрібно, щоб навчитися. Поради екстремала

I think, kite surfing is something unavailable? And here and there — it even master the 72-year-old and those who have weight more than 100 pounds, the newspaper “Express”.

“In General, to learn kitesurfing, it is necessary a minimum of 12 hours — six classes, — says Sergey Aramaic, 27-year-old instructor of kite surfing schools in Koblevo. First class must take place on land. Learn to deploy a serpent, inflating pump, attach the lines and kite control. Next, go into the water. There learn to get up on the Board, control the kite. I will say that kitesurfing is my favorite sport. And have a crush on him six years ago when I was working… a chef. Once lunch came kitesurfers. Overwhelmed with emotions, and I realized that I should try. Now I recommend”. Before start on the waist of the surfer wear a wide belt and a-line. To it attach the kite to the straps.

“In the hands, hold the control bar, which is also attached to the kite. This steering wheel, gas and brake, — explains Sergey. — Pull yourself to the kite generates very strong cravings, and, consequently, increases movement speed. Vddate the wheel — brake. Average skidste Catania — 30 — 35 miles per hour. My record is 45 kilometers, and the world — 115! But the kite I’m still doing the jumps. Once jumped as much as 9 meters.”

By the way, the best wind in which the kite surfing, a minimum of 5 metres per second, maximum 35 meters.

“And what set of equipment do you need?” — ask the instructor.

“The package includes: kite, control bar, pump, wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet. This will take out of his pocket from 500 to 3000 dollars — answers. — With respect to age, we teach children from 6 — 7 years. But the maximum age limit no. Two years ago I came 72-year-old man. I tried and learned!

And last year I taught the inhabitant of Kiev who weighed 150 pounds! He still failed. The main thing — to choose the size of the kite. They are different from 2.5 to 19 square meters.”

The last time kitesurfing in Ukraine is gaining popularity — organize competitions, Championships. Sergei taught to ride with a kite more than three hundred thrill-seekers. And to drive the kite can be anywhere where there is wind and water!


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