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Як впоратися зі самотністю: поради психолога - 24 Канал

Loneliness is bad for people, it destroys the immune system, brain, leading to depression and suicide.

Therefore, from this condition need to get rid, writes researcher from Cambridge University Olivia of Rims, informs NV.

Loneliness can increase the risk of premature death.

Therefore, to cope with loneliness you need first of all to change the perception of the world.

Як впоратися зі самотністю: поради психолога - 24 Канал
Change the perception of the world

You have to understand that people who do not want to meet with you at a certain time, doing this is not through apathy to you, but through their own plans. Probably when you invite someone to dine with you, and people have already promised someone to meet, or too late got the invitation. People who are not lonely, understand it and do not worry if someone has other plans.

The psychologist explains that if people attribute their “failure” a combination of circumstances, they become more resilient and continue to move forward.

You also need to get rid of the cynicism and distrust of other people. Therefore, if a person wants someone to meet you. She needs to drop their defenses and let her in.

By the way, all relationships are subjected to such tests as the exhaustion. Emotional burnout in the relationship – not uncommon. At first things were great, and then feelings transformed into a habit.

Як впоратися зі самотністю: поради психолога - 24 Канал

Open yourself to other people

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