How to cure hyperhidrosis stop: diagnosis and treatment

Как вылечить гипергидроз стоп: диагностика и лечение

It is extremely delicate and fragrant… a problem. Socks and tights are wet after half an hour after the change, from shoes and sneakers even shy cats, and summer trips to the cottage with friends turns into a harrowing test of nerves. What is hyperhidrosis stop and is it possible to cure him?

A lot of sweat

The main objective of the pot during times of stress, heat, or hypothermia of the body as quickly as possible to cool the internal organs by extracting liquid. A pathological condition where the armpits, palms and feet wet without a cause is hyperhidrosis.

The main suffering brings pathology of the feet:

  • in addition to excessive humidity, is added to a bacterial environment with its specific smell;
  • in a humid environment feel at ease fungal colony and bacterial community;
  • in advanced cases, there comes a peeling of the skin, or skin maceration.


Self, the magic and old family recipes with hyperhidrosis do not. You first need to be examined by a dermatologist and find out the type of the disease:

  • primary – occurs in childhood, etiology is unknown;
  • secondary – triggered by endocrine diseases, tuberculosis, medications, stress, infections, menopausal or other factors.


Conservative. Dermatologist prescribes a course of drugs with tannins, hexamine, aluminum salts. Applied medical deodorants and sprays, emulsions, suspensions, gels, iontophoresis.

Laser. The laser beam affects the sweat glands and inhibits their work.

Surgical. Surgery called sympathectomy, it is very costly and complex. The essence of the procedure in excision of the sweat glands and blocks the electric current of the nerve endings. Surgery is indicated in cases where hyperhidrosis is associated with endocrine diseases and not treated with simpler methods.

Botox. Preparations on the basis of A neurotoxin known as Botox, blocks the nerves that send impulses to the sweat glands. The injection procedure is effective for 6-10 months. This is the most simple and effective way to quickly get rid of unwanted sweating without harm to health and long rehabilitation period. In the clinic of laser cosmetology and surgery Gold Laser dermatologists provide diagnosis and at a time cope with an unpleasant problem.

Как вылечить гипергидроз стоп: диагностика и лечение