How to cure knee: simple and effective folk recipe

Как вылечить колено: простой и эффективный народный рецепт

A sore knee? But drug treatment does not work? This method will definitely help you solve the problem.

We are often faced with a problem like knee pain and not always medication gives long effect, and sometimes does not help.

Offer a recipe – how I cured my knees.

They have me swollen, not bent, especially under the mountain was to go hard when walking sharp pain. And I was treated them so.

Did the ointment itself. Mix ingredients, shake well. Wet rag, on top of the polyethylene and wrapped a warm scarf.

The composition of the ointment:

Took all in equal parts 1:1:1: pork bile, glycerin, iodine, ammonia, alcohol.

Warmed, then burned, as long as I could, then cleaned, there was redness, nooga was not.

And after 4 treatments it went. Done for the night. The smell of the composition dramatically specific, but patience is necessary.