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Як боротись зі старінням: ефективний метод - 24 Канал

Simple exercise greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in the elderly.

Such conclusions were made by scientists at the University of Bristol in the UK, writes the online edition of Science Alert,

With their words, physical activity is the best tool in the fight against ageing available at the moment.

They conducted a study, which was attended by 1,600 people aged 60 to 64 years. Volunteers wore heart rate sensors for five days.


Then they analyzed their level of physical activity and assessed health status. In particular, pay attention to the rates of heart disease and cholesterol in the blood and protein interleukin-6.

It turned out that those volunteers who give constant attention to physical activity, had low content of biomarkers associated with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

It was effective as exercises aimed at strengthening muscles and aerobic exercise, particularly walking, running, swimming and Cycling.


By the way, British scientists have developed a compound that can stop the aging process of human cells.

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