How to deal with mosquitoes: Xiaomi has announced an interesting device

Как бороться с комарами: Xiaomi анонсировала интересное устройство

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has launched a new product that would be useful to every Ukrainian – fumigator, which destroys mosquitoes. The new device is called Xiaomi Yeelight Mosquito Killer.

According to the publication Mydrivers, Xiaomi Yeelight Mosquito Killer – it’s such a lamp to kill mosquitoes.

How it works. Lamp emits ultraviolet light that automatically turns on at night and off in the morning. It attracts mosquitoes, and when they get a little device kills them with high voltage. This lamp does not use any chemical components.

The device has a built-in lithium battery which can work up to 4 hours without external power, which is supplied via MicroUSB.

Как бороться с комарами: Xiaomi анонсировала интересное устройство

Xiaomi Yeelight Mosquito Killer does not use chemistry

By the way, the novelty experienced in the Shanghai Institute of physiology and ecology of plants. There found that the efficiency of mosquitoes reaches 88,10%.

Cost. The recommended price Xiaomi Yeelight Mosquito Killer is $ 22 (around 600 USD).

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