How to defend yourself, if attacked by an aggressive dog alone

Как защититься, если напала агрессивная собака-одиночка

Most often, the person attacked by the dog, which in principle is not afraid of people or knows how to deal with them. It may be a dog with mental disorders, or the dog is in stress or a dog trained to attack a human.

Remember that no dog in their right mind would just throw people.

Let’s try to build a system of protection against aggressive dogs. Imagine a situation when you meet a dog on a suburban street or simply on the path between the garages, for example. What to do and what NOT?

In any case it is IMPOSSIBLE:

– to escape.

In this case, you pose to dogs a prey that tries to escape. And the dog with tripled enthusiasm will rush you “catch”.


The reason is the same – the cry of the victim only excite the dog.

– look in your eyes.

Glance at close range, the eye is a challenge, it is attempt of pressure on the dog and it will actively resist.

swing it.

This again would provoke the dog, because in this case, you also threaten, but not attack. From the point of view of the dog – show weakness and disrespect.

– try to speak gently.

Again, will be regarded as a sign of weakness.

You NEED to:

to stand quietly, half-turned to the dog, looked away and slightly to the side.

This will demonstrate your unwillingness to fight, but at the same time, will not be regarded as cowardice.

– slowly lift a bag or backpack if you have them.

This will help to protect yourself from the attack.

slowly pulling off the jacket, roll it into a bundle and keep in front of him.

This is also a good barrier between you and the dog’s teeth.

– to prepare and hold keys in your hand.

A metal object will strengthen your kick if necessary, and the sharp edges of the keys can cause injury to the dog in defense.

– slowly lift suitable for defence object – a stick, a stone.

Necessarily slow, the dog is not regarded your actions as an attempted attack.

– pressing my back against the wall, if possible.

So you protect yourself from attacks from behind and the dog is more difficult to “stretch look” into the wall.

– call the emergency services.

Mobile phone to help us.

It is important not to make any sudden movements and do not look at the dog. A very long time to be able threat, the dog can’t, or it will pass by or attack.

Consider the worst option.

During the attack the dog grabs the closest object to the mouth. Therefore, if you did everything correctly, the dog will be seized or your bag or rolled up in a harness jacket. Hold tight, fight with the dog. Because if you do this you’ll lose, let go, the dog will switch to you.

As protection you can use the most unexpected things. I know of a case where the attacking dog was startled by a loud sound of a portable tape recorder, which the guy put in front of him.

If lying next to the stick, pick it up, but don’t wave it and use as a bag or jacket. If you are confident in your abilities, you can use a stick in the attack for the application of heavy blows to the head or the paws of the dog. If you are not sure can hit hard, don’t do it at all. Weak shocks only infuriate the animal and give him strength. It is already possible and need to shout something like “fuck off!”.

If the first attempt failed, the dog seldom dares to repeat it, so it is very important in the initial assault “survive” and not to give in, not showing weakness. He saw before him a worthy opponent and “throwing steam”, the dog most likely, proudly removed, and Parikia looking back at you.

In this case, again, remember all of the paragraphs of “NO”.

Under the worst circumstances, if the dog still grabbed you by the arm.

Do not attempt to pull the hand, the dog will intercept and trauma will be stronger. If grabbed you by the hand and keeps growling and looking at you, don’t move, stand still looking to the side. If not just keep trying and aggressive you “eat”, we can already come into force “fights without rules”. To strike the eyes and ears of the dog clutched in her fist keys, try to kick the dog in the most vulnerable places – the belly, the groin, the larynx. If the dog is wearing a collar, try to grasp it and twist, blocking the breathing of the animal. Yell and threaten.

Keep in mind that the trauma of a dog, heal poorly, suffer long. So, it is better to avoid it.