How to donate blood

Как правильно сдавать кровь на донорство

Doctors told how to behave before blood donation. Writes referring to “Benefits and Harms”.

The first thing the experts remind us of the need to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages. This should be done at least 48 hours before the delivery. This rule applies to Smoking. However, in this case the “break” is quite small. Before donating blood you can’t smoke in about 2 hours. In this case you should not use and other drugs, such as dipyrone and aspirin. Because they contribute to the thinning of the blood that disrupts the quality of its clotting. Pay attention to your diet. Donors it is better to avoid fatty, spicy and smoked food. Banned and bananas, butter, citrus, eggs, and nuts.

Besides, you need to remember the importance of Breakfast before taking the blood. However, this rule does not apply to pregnant women. Them Breakfast counter. You cannot donate blood and people who before had the whole night to work. Of great importance is the day before the blood donation. If it was stressful – the procedure should be postponed.