How to eat in summer: a nutritionist gave good advice

Как питаться летом: диетолог дала дельные советы

The expert listed the main rules of nutrition in the hot season

When the street is hot, and the thermometer is creeping up quickly, dramatically increases the consumption of water and fruit, but on the heavy and fatty foods forget itself. About the diet, in summer, told in Instagram nutritionist Anna Smith.

Expert announced the top 5 tips on how to eat and organize your menus during the warm time of the year.

Don’t forget to drink water. And how much? How much you want! If you do not want to drink water, make a delicious fruit drink or lemonade from natural fruits and berries, especially since they are now very affordable. We also take into account the rest of the liquid tea/coffee etc but try to avoid drinks with added sugar. If you go for a walk/to the store, bring a bottle of water, then just not forget to drink, not to carry.

In the diet include seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries. Prepare more salads, sauté, bake, add berries for a snack, they will perfectly replace sweet.

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Do the basic techniques are easierif you want. Salad with yogurt instead of mayonnaise, baked meat instead of fried, light dinner instead of full, 3 meals instead of 5 and so on. All of this can and should be done, if in the summer you want to eat less.

Add comfortable for you type of physical activity. Walk, run, swim, ride a bike, yoga, fitness, strength training or just cleaning the house would benefit if it’s for you joy.

Monitor your digestion, microflora and actively keep the beat from inside. I advise you not to forget that the main friends of microflora – probiotics, should regularly eat foods that they are.

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Как питаться летом: диетолог дала дельные советы

Как питаться летом: диетолог дала дельные советы

Как питаться летом: диетолог дала дельные советы