How to eat to have good eyesight

Как нужно питаться, чтобы иметь хорошее зрение

To prevent good vision, you must not only do exercises for the eyes, but also proper nutrition. Doctors advise to include in the diet of blueberries.

It contains necessary components that contribute to the improvement of vision. The berries of this plant have many useful properties.

Experts recommend to eat the berries when detachment of the retinal tissues, as well as for disorders of blood circulation in it. Use the berries that the components significantly improve the circulation of the eyeballs. This allows them to transport more oxygen and a variety of useful prerequisites.

Blueberry contains a complex of different vitamins and minerals, affects all parts of eye. But the benefits of it will be visible only in the case if taken regularly.

You can make a healthy Breakfast smoothie based on blueberries. Ingredients: blueberries – 300 gr, bunch of spinach, a sprig of mint, sweet Apple – 1 PC. All the ingredients in an immersion blender, whisk until smooth. You can decorate nuts.