How to extend support for Android, or How many in reality can updated your smartphone

Как продлить поддержку Android, или Сколько в реальности может обновляться ваш смартфон

We, the Android users have long been accustomed to the fact that our smartphones are, at best, be renewed for two years. After this period, support will cease, and even the once top-end flagship will be a futile device, which in the secondary market are unlikely to want to buy at a discount in 50-70% off the original price. But can there be any claim? Everyone understands that to continue support longer than two years, the manufacturers do not allow technical limitations. However, third-party developers about them for some reason have not heard anything.

The team of developers of Replicant, dealing with the adaptation of new versions of Android for older smartphones were able to port Android 10 for Galaxy S3. According to them, a big age difference has not had a negative impact on the performance of the device. Despite the fact that this year the smartphone turns 8 years old, it did not become a hindrance to the – albeit unofficial – update to the latest version of the operating system. Still, the Galaxy S3 is too old machine for which the last available update was Android 4.4.3 Jelly Bean.

Android 10 for Galaxy S3

The main problem of the Galaxy S3 – it’s not his age, and weak iron. Hardware base of smartphone is 2-core processor Snapdragon S4, and the amount of RAM is only 1 GB. However, even this is not an obstacle in order to run on the mobile Android 10. As explained by the developers themselves, they refused to use Google services, to reduce the load. Therefore, in order not to leave the apparatus without the application catalog, it was decided to use F-Droid. That is, from this we can conclude that most of the load provided is the Google Mobile Services, though this information is not officially confirmed.

But what is known for sure is about overclocking Android 10 using the Lima driver. This is a custom driver that provides graphics processor Mali 400-series. With it the developers managed to improve the performance of hardware Galaxy S3 and make it as efficiently as possible to handle all incoming commands. As a result, if you believe the enthusiasts, has turned something that is quite possible to use even in 2020, not too straining on the available iron.

To extend the update to Android

The fact that the developers – albeit with third party assistance – has managed to port Android 10 on Galaxy S3 already is genuine respect and a question: why manufacturers do not do the same with your smartphone? After all, if this is a matter of optimization, so you can try to increase the term of the software support. I understand that support for 8 years is really too much. Still, during this time, technology change and really become obsolete. However, to increase the period of updates at least two times – up to 4 years – most likely, you can.

After all, if you sue, any obstacles for the renewal of policy support there. Perhaps manufacturers will have little to bother and rewrite the code a little more and spend a little more stages of debugging and testing. However, in this case they are guaranteed to get the opportunity to extend the relevance of its smartphones, which consumers will buy much more readily if they know that their gadget will not turn into a pumpkin after two years, and will last at least four.

Как продлить поддержку Android, или Сколько в реальности может обновляться ваш смартфон

Как продлить поддержку Android, или Сколько в реальности может обновляться ваш смартфон

Как продлить поддержку Android, или Сколько в реальности может обновляться ваш смартфон