How to find out if the vehicle has been in an accident. Full scan

Как узнать был ли автомобиль в ДТП. Полная проверка

In order to buy a car and meet subsequent challenges, it is necessary to know the accident history of the vehicle.

Today, some car owners want to hide the accident to sell their car to get more money from the buyer. Therefore, you need to know: if the vehicle has been in an accident when they were that was damaged.

To find out all the information about the vehicle, buyers make the decision to go to specialized sites. But often, sites of this nature require the money for this operation, and in the end get information that you can find yourself.

If the seller says that he has always serviced the car at the dealer, it costs a little time and request history VIN number on the vehicle. Also there are sites that provide free services, where entering the same VIN you can find out about the accident. If after checking you will see the number that is registered in another country, it means that the vehicle is purchased in another country and fitting into your.

For residents of Moscow avtokod you can find out all about the car. By entering the VIN number, registration plate and CTC, you will receive information about accidents, how many owners had the vehicle (duration of ownership), whether it is wanted, and also used the car for business.

You can also ask for data on registration bans on the website of the traffic police. Completing the box there VIN, you can obtain information about the presence of an accident, whether sought by a car.

Contacting the insurance company for free you can get data on auto insurance policy. Putting registration in the electronic database has information about accidents where you have used insurance services.

But if you want to get more detailed information, in this case you will have to pay little money. The main thing is not to pay those who are trying to cheat you, so the first is to learn about these resources.

There are times when you doubt that a VIN number is valid. After all, if it does not match the original, you will not be able to find truthful information about the vehicle. To avoid scams, you should contact the relevant authorities. You can call the State Committee of forensic examinations or on the website to see the conditions of the test vehicle and price list.

Result. In this matter it is better to spend a bit of time and monitor multiple sites for getting information about the car. We should start with the free services, but if after these operations you find that information insufficient and you’ll have suspicions that the owner is hiding something, then you should use checked paid sites.

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Как узнать был ли автомобиль в ДТП. Полная проверка

Как узнать был ли автомобиль в ДТП. Полная проверка